Our courses correspond to credits of points:
1 lesson of 1h = 2 credits
1 lesson of 1h30 = 3 credits
1 lesson of 2h = 4 credits

Means of payment accepted:
- cash
- checks (payment in several times for cards is possible: contact us)
- Credit cards via internet (for the purchase of cards)
- Credit cards on-site at the studio

Single course

WARNING : there is NO free trial course at Vertical Fit.
Only the first initiation course is offered IF AND ONLY IF you subscribe to a subscription card (15, 30 or 60 credits) at the end of this first initiation course.

You can pay for the the courses by the unit directly on the spot.. In this case, 1 credit equals 7.50 €:
1 lesson of 1h = 2 credits or 15 €
1 lesson of 1h30 = 3 credits or 22,50 €
1 lesson of 2h = 4 credits or 30 €

Point cards

You can buy cards of 15, 30 or 60 credits allowing you to attend all the courses of the planning within the limits of credits available on your card.
The more credits you buy, the lower the unit credit price is.
Payment facilities (payment in several times by check only): contact us.

Type of card15 credits30 credits60 credits
Card rate (payable in installments)90€170€300€
Period of validity3 months6 months1 year
As an indication: 1h30 course price brought back to the unit18€17€15€

Points cards allow you to benefit from advantageous rates on the unit price.
Attention : cards are subject to different validity periods and therefore require a commitment from you.
Cards are not refundable but their period of validity can be extended in some very specific cases of force majeure (see our rules of procedure).

Le premier cours d’initiation est offert SI ET SEULEMENT SI vous souscrivez une carte d’abonnement (15, 30 ou 60 crédits) à l’issue de ce premier cours d’initiation.

On request: open bars

During open bar sessions, the room is at your disposal without a teacher.
It's ideal for your trainings!
7.50€ an hour per person OR 1 credit on cards.
Minimum of 3 participants is required.

On request: Private or semi-private lessons

Private or semi-private lessons are not included in the point cards and must be paid individually:
Private lesson for 1 person: 40 € / hour
Private lesson for 2 people: 35 € per person / hour

Vertical Fit also offers regular personalized coaching to progress in pole dance faster.
Quote on contact only.

On request: hen parties, bachelor parties, birthdays, groups already formed ...

We propose the organization ofhen parties or bachelor parties, birthdays, classes for groups already formed ...

We ask for a minimum of 3 participants.

You can either offer a course format you are willing for (duration and content) or we can also offer many different formats!

For example, for stag or hen parties, or birthdaysVertical Fit offers a 1h30 course at the price of 22.50€ per person (deposit of 45€ required to book the date) composed as follows:
- 10 minutes warm up
- 50 minutes of technical course (tricks of initiation level (accessible to everyone))
- 25 minutes of choreo including figures learned previously
- 5 minutes of stretching.
You will of course have plenty of time to take pictures and videos during this class!
We offer as an option:
- taste or aperitif with or without alcohol
- demonstration of one or more choreography (s) of pole by the professor

On request: Stage performances
Représentation scénique pole dance

We do have choreographies already ready in various musical styles or we can create a specific choreography according to your theme.

Contact us to know our rates!

On request: Room and equipments reservation

Need a dance hall equipped with mirrors?
Contact us to know our rates!

On request: X-pole X-stage pole rental (podium)
Location barre pole dance x pole x-stage

We do have a podium X-pole X-stage lite chrome diameter 45mm available for rent for your shootings, training or shows.

This is a podium (no need for ceiling) with a total height of 3m or 2m89 of practicable height (can also rent extensions to reduce the height) and 1m60 diameter on the ground.
The total weight is 70kg.

Contact us to know our rates! (Attention: for the rental of this podium, a deposit check of 900 € will be required)